Since our first national dissemination event in Cork, Ireland, a whirlwind of events has swept through this October. We’ve summarized them for you in this post.

Our colleagues from DOZ International organized an event that captured the attention of stakeholders involved in the project’s development and its outcomes. The event included an engaging question-and-answer session. You can watch the entire event from Leipzig through the link below.

Save the Children Italy hosted a wide array of speakers at their Rome facilities, who highlighted the policy recommendations provided by children in the Italian consultation. The event also featured insightful speeches from educators engaged in the integration of migrant and refugee children.

Due to recent security restrictions changes in Belgium, Active Citizen Europe conducted their national dissemination event in an online-only format. However, they successfully showcased the value of the project and its results, and the participation of some OKAN students and their teacher was particularly moving.

In Madrid, Universidad Pontificia Comillas organized an interesting event, which included an exclusive preview of the visualization tool for the dashboard of indicators that caught everyone’s attention. The event brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including policymakers, educators, researchers, and migrant students. The video of the event will soon be available on our YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss our upcoming national dissemination event in Greece on November 20th, please subscribe to our channel by clicking here.