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Nota de prensa

17 / Octubre / 2022

IMMERSE - Nota de prensa 02

IMMERSE lanza una base de datos digital en línea de buenas prácticas a nivel nacional y de la UE

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1 / Junio / 2019

IMMERSE - Nota de prensa 01

Celebrada la reunión de lanzamiento del proyecto H2020 IMMERSE

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Together we make all the difference

Unlocking Pathways to Integration: Highlights from the IMMERSE Project’s Conference at the European Parliament

noviembre 16th, 2023|News|

On November 6th, the greatest dissemination event of the IMMERSE project took place at the European Parliament premises, in Brussels. IMMERSE team joined H2020 project REFUGE-ED in this conference, to consolidate efforts, share knowledge to successfully address the integration of [...]

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