IMMERSE project, integration mapping of refugee and migrant children in schools and other experiential environments in Europe, is a European initiative funded by the Horizon2020 Programme of the European Commission.

IMMERSE aims to enhance the socio-educative inclusion of refugee and migrant children in Europe in order to foster the construction of inclusive and cohesive societies. IMMERSE main goal is to define a new generation of indicators on the integration and socio-educational inclusion of refugee and migrant children in Europe. IMMERSE aims to incorporate all relevant stakeholders (children and their families, researchers, NGOs, policymakers, educators or learning institutions) in the co-creation and validation of a dashboard of indicators. This will lead to data that best reflects the particular needs and expectations of the relevant stakeholders.

IMMERSE consortium is formed by 11 partners from 6 countries: universities specialised in migration and childhood studies, public administrations with competences in migration and education, NGOs focused on child’s rights, integration and protection, companies experts in social innovation and stakeholder engagement and a technology-based company specialised in digital transformation.

The kickoff meeting was held in December 2018 in the premises of Universidad Pontificia Comillas, coordinator of the Project, in Madrid (Spain).