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Together we make all the difference

Immerse yourself! Poetry and Drawing Exhibition in schools about “Belonging”

décembre 27th, 2022|Children, Community, News, Schools|

The IMMERSE YOURSELF! Poetry and Drawing Exhibition on the subject of “Belonging” is now live in the IMMERSE Hub.  Students aged 7-18, from schools and centres, contacted as part of the larger IMMERSE project, in [...]

IMMERSE’s response to the arrival of refugee children from Ukraine

mai 24th, 2022|Community, News, Publications|

IMMERSE was born out of the concern for ensuring that Europe meets the challenges and the potential involved in the successful inclusion of all refugee and migrant children across the continent. Today, with the massive arrival of [...]

Guiding principles for the reception and inclusion of refugee and migrant children

mai 23rd, 2022|Awareness campaign, News, Resources|

IMMERSE researchers have created a list of ten guiding principles, based on the results of a co-created methodology (involving children and other stakeholders) to define 30 key indicators to monitor socio-educational inclusion. Click on the image to read and download [...]