We are thrilled to share a major milestone in the IMMERSE project! Thousands of questionnaires were distributed among children, parents, principals and teachers from 6 European countries from June 2021 until July 2023.  The database resulting from our extensive data collection efforts is poised to become one of the project’s great achievements, offering valuable insights long after the cluster work is done.

Here are some highlights of the data that the IMMERSE research partners have collected over the past two years.

  • Over 30,000 questionnaires have been completed in over 400 sites in Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece.
  • Our busiest months were March 2022 (3,694 children’s questionnaires) and December 2022 (3,325).
  • 24,420 questionnaires were completed by children (19,917 by older children and 4503 by younger children).
    • Of those, 13,345 were children of migrant background.
    • 12,164 were boys, 11,277 were girls, and 899 described themselves in another way or preferred not to s.pecify their gender.
    • 23,295 were in formal education (8107 in primary and 15,188 in secondary), 812 were in non-formal education, and 182 were not in any kind of education.

Each response represents a crucial piece of the puzzle in our efforts to enhance integration for migrant and refugee children. These numbers reflect the dedication of our research partners and the commitment of respondents to making a positive impact. We’re grateful for every contribution and are excited to leverage this wealth of data to drive meaningful change in the field of integration.