The IMMERSE HUB makes available to teachers and education professionals working with children a growing bank of educational free access resources in seven languages. These resources consist of workshop ideas, classroom activities, lesson plans and academic articles covering different aspects of migration with the aim of promoting integration in schools.

To access these resources, the user must register in the IMMERSE hub through the IMMERSE website. Once inside, in the « Groups » section, the user can choose the « Educational resources » group in one or more of the following languages by clicking on the « Join » button: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Greek or German. Within each group, in the « Wall » section there is a description of the educational resources available to the user in the selected language. These resources can be found in the « Documents and resources » sections.

The aim of the Hub is to create a community of experts across Europe and to serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and views on migration and integration to contribute to improving the inclusion of migrant and refugee children. The online platform, integrated into the IMMERSE website, is aimed at NGOs, schools, teachers, social workers, policy makers and researchers in the field of integration, education and migration, in order to share data and facts on the main issues related to the integration of these children.