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School meets unaccompanied minors: actors, duties, and rights that come into play.


This guide reconstructs the process of reception of unaccompanied minors in Italy, identifying the jurisdiction of each actor involved and highlighting the importance of their collaboration to achieve a successful integration and inclusion of these children/teenagers. School is not the only institution in charge of this task but there is a multitude of actors involved: the social services of local authorities, the courts for minors, the host communities, the voluntary guardians, and of course third sector organizations that are part of the local welfare system.

  • Policy papers
  • Country of origin / implementation:
  • Italy
  • Language:
  • Italian
  • Compliance with the Dashboard Outcomes:
    • Access to compulsory education
    • Children complete compulsory education
    • Children's academic skills
    • Children's competence in host language
    • Children's life satisfaction / happiness
    • Children's sense of belonging
    • Friends and peers (support)
    • Institutions
    • Teachers
    Policy Paper addressed to:
  • Local Entities
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