The IMMERSE project is reaching the end of its journey. In these five years of hard work, you have witnessed the integration of research results from the IMMERSE project into various working papers, policy briefs. Continuous updates to the IMMERSE website and targeted campaigns, such as “IMMERSE Yourself” and “IMMERSE Yourself Again,” showcased the richness of the project’s outcomes, including the co-creation approach involving children. The Dashboard of Socio-educational Integration Indicators and the 30 indicators themselves, are meant to become useful tools for families, educators, institutions, governments and researchers from now on.

One of the project’s most remarkable achievements was its extensive engagement with children, parents, and teachers, involving more than 24,000 individuals. The IMMERSE project went beyond traditional dissemination events, organizing national and European events that drew the attention of the scientific community, policymakers, NGOs, and educational professionals.

As we close this chapter, it is crucial to reflect on the consortium’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the project’s sustainability beyond its implementation period. Individual and joint exploitation plans have been outlined, detailing how IMMERSE products and results will be incorporated by national actors to promote the socio-educational inclusion of migrant and refugee children. This commitment to continuity ensures that the IMMERSE legacy will endure, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape of migrant and refugee children’s education in Europe.