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DASPA, a cultural 'bridging' class


This video functions as, firstly, a partial interview and secondly a look into the DASPA system. DASPA classes function as a cultural bridge for new migrants: they are a French intensive language course within certain schools in Belgium geared towards cultural integration. This video interviews DASPA students, gives an insight into DASPA classes and life after the DASPA program.

  • Other tools and resources
  • Country of origin / implementation:
  • Belgium
  • Language:
  • French
  • Compliance with the Dashboard Outcomes:
    • Access to compulsory education
    • Children complete compulsory education
    • Children remain in (formal) education beyond compulsory levels / Access to (formal) non-compulsory education
    • Children's academic skills
    • Children's legal status
    • Children's life satisfaction / happiness
    • Children's sense of belonging
    • Friends and peers (bridges)
    • Friends and peers (support)
    • Institutions
    • Teachers
    • Types & levels of (formal) non-compulsory education attended

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