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Bookcase Programme - Promoting Language and Diversity


The coach@school - bookcase programme (2017- ongoing) is the first multilingual reading promotion programme that links the educational locations of school/day-care centres and home. It uses multilingual books to promote the family language or language of origin in order to facilitate learning German. The multilingual, intercultural books support children in their learning development and strengthen their personality. Families are offered the opportunity to read together with their child in their language of origin, as this improves their educational opportunities and social integration. The main objectives are: - Strengthening of literacy competencies and promotion of multilingualism; - Imparting of values of a tolerant society, address children's emotions and promote independent and creative engagement with the book content; - Strengthening parental involvement and promotion of educational partnerships; - Networking and cooperation. Two suitcases are available for each participating school class, including twelve multilingual, intercultural, and inclusive children's books in twelve languages, a reading diary for the children and multilingual reading instructions for the parents. The books were selected based on scientific findings in anti-discrimination research. The project is currently implemented in Hamburg, Hamburg and Frankfurt, Hesse (expanding underway). It is funded by Foundations, NGOs, Corporations, Bildungslotterie (Education Lottery), Hamburg Funding Parliament, and Citizens.

  • Good Practices
  • Country of origin / implementation:
  • Germany
  • Language:
  • German
  • Compliance with the Dashboard Outcomes:
    • Children maintain their cultural identity while adopting new cultural values and intercultural competences
    • Children's academic skills
    • Children's competence in host language
    • Children's life satisfaction / happiness
    • Children's sense of belonging
    • Institutions
    • Teachers

    Evaluation ex post
    Regular monitoring reports are available in German, including: - Pilot phase 2017/18, monitoring two primary schools in Hamburg. - Project Year 2018/19, monitoring at the nine participating schools. - External Evaluation 2019 by the University of Paderborn, interviewing 60 children and 65 parents of a project school.

    Projects’ deliverables
    The following reources are available at the programme site: Bookcase@Primary, Bookcase@Day-Care, Bookcase@Temporary Housing, Bookcase@Bücherhallen (Neighbourhood Libraries), Coachies Video Guide, Digital Resources Library, Information for Practitioners.

    Social Franchise promoted on the website in order to gain new cooperations in other regions in Germany (see link below)

    Motivation for the submission
    One of the IMMERSE project's KPIs is multilingualism and intercultural competence, further it includes parents and is highly suited for reproducibility.

  • Bildungslotterie (Education Lottery)
  • Companies
  • Donations
  • Foundations
  • Hamburg Funding Parliament
  • NGOs
  • Type of action:
  • Extra-curricular activity
  • Language class
  • Literacy in schools, Parent participation
  • Target:
  • Educators, social workers
  • Migrant families, parents
  • Newly arrived migrant children
  • Principals, teachers
  • Refugee and asylum seeker children
  • Unaccompanied and separated children
  • Professionals involved:
  • Academics, researchers
  • Educators
  • Teachers
  • Networking - Actors and institutions mobilized by the project:
  • Day-Care Centres, Hamburg Media School, Hamburg State Institute for Teacher Training and School Development
  • Local authorities
  • NGOs, third sector organizations
  • Schools
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