The Dashboard of Indicators has been developed by listening to the voices of migrant and refugee children, their families and those who work directly with them in schools, NGOs, and policy makers considering that they, as key players, are those who can best understand what integration really means for them.

The aim of this tool is to unify criteria in the collection of data when studying which factors contribute to and determine the integration of these children in their host societies in Europe.

The final dashboard has a total of 30 indicators divided into 5 dimensions of outcomes, which reflect the degree of integration of children (access to rights, language and culture, well-being, connectedness and educational achievements) and clusters, which determine the integration of children (political leadership, school segregation, learning support, mental health services, negative attitudes, school organisation and teachers).

For the data collection and monitoring IMMERSE researchers have worked in 330 schools and other educational environments in six European countries (Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain) in order to gather the perspective of over 13.500 refugee and migrant children.