On November 6th, the greatest dissemination event of the IMMERSE project took place at the European Parliament premises, in Brussels. IMMERSE team joined H2020 project REFUGE-ED in this conference, to consolidate efforts, share knowledge to successfully address the integration of migrants, refugees into European societies.

Hosted by the Member of the European Parliament Juan Fernando López Aguilar, three roundtables featured insights from both Horizon 2020 projects. “Enhancing socio-educational integration of refugee and migrant children through research” was the title of the conference in which both projects brought together an array of stakeholders, including policymakers, educators, mental health professionals, researchers, practitioners, children, families, and civil society organizations, to collectively advance the cause of integration in Europe.

There was time to review the main research results achieved by each project, to shed some light on how to continue developing tools, and to bring to the front row the policy recommendations extracted after five years of work, including the ones provided by children themselves. You can listen to all the interventions on our YouTube channel @IMMERSE_H:

Additionally, you can track the event highlights on our Twitter account @IMMERSE_H2020: