The implementation of IMMERSE project, started in December 2018, will run for 4 years following these steps:

  1. Define new research methods and tools, including new technological solutions (a digital platform) and co-creation methodologies
  2. Incorporate refugee and migrant children voices in the co-creation and validation of the dashboard of indicators
  3. Identify and incorporate the main relevant stakeholders in migrant children’s social and educational integration
  4. Identify the main indicators affecting migrant children’s socio-educational integration
  5. Collect and analyse data regarding refugee and migrant children integration along 6 European countries, taking advantage of current data sources and data analysis systems
  6. Facilitate access to reliable data to the EU and member states, as well as NGOs and associations working on refugee and migrant children’s integration

Produce good practices and policy recommendations aimed at influencing stakeholders, school and other learning and experiential environments to improve the integration systems of refugee and migrant children in Europe