The IMMERSE hub has been launched as a forum for debate and dissemination in the field of research on the integration of migrant and refugee children in Europe.

The online platform, integrated into the IMMERSE website, is aimed at NGOs, schools, teachers, social workers, policy makers and researchers in the field of integration, education and migration, in order to share data and facts on the main issues related to the integration of these children. In order to promote the participation of these stakeholders, IMMERSE runs social media campaigns to disseminate some of these short articles, for instance by our Spanish and Belgian partners, Comillas and ACE, on recent trends in migration flows, language as a barrier to integration in education, and gaps and challenges in European migration data. The campaign consists of a series of postcards summarising some relevant data on the topic in question.

The aim of the Hub is to create a community of experts across Europe and to serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and views on migration and integration to contribute to improving the inclusion of migrant and refugee children.