To ensure a common standard in facilitating the workshops, focus groups, and other activities the following agreed-upon principles should inform all facilitators, researchers, and project planners in both the planning and the execution stages of all stakeholder activities.

Common Knowledge Base
Benefits from the collective expertise all stakeholders involved, having migrant children’s voice at the centre of every activity
Collaborative Work Environment
Dynamic feedback, validation and promotion of the project’s results by stakeholders, taking into account all perspectives, experiences and expertise of participating community members to ameliorate reform proposals, strategies and processes
Gender and Inclusivity Perspective
Equality will be promoted and considered in each activity
Proactivity and Engagement
Online and on-site surveys, consultations and workshops will foster first-hand interaction with stakeholders
Open Dialogue and Communication
Active engagement will improve public understanding of the situation of refugee and migrant children in Europe, raising awareness of the need to measure and monitor refugee and migrant children integration in schools and other learning experiential environments