In taking on the role of the workshop facilitator always be aware of and act upon the following principles

Our motivation for complying with the principle of neutrality is to ensure that everyone is confident, by abstaining from any participation in hostilities and at all times in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature. Neutrality includes many dimensions. Only the day-to-day acts can constitute evidence of its respect of the principle of neutrality and thus gain the trust of all and create an environment where every participant feels welcome
Our aim is to encourage and enable everyone affected to be involved, as engagement provides an actual chance to influence a community. The engagement process will be clearly communicated in a way that’s easy to understand within a reasonable timescale and using the most suitable method/s for the involved participants to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence at the same time
For us encouragement is the fundamental attitude of positive feedback that focuses primarily on effort or improvement rather than outcomes. Encouragement is recognizing, accepting, and conveying faith in a participant so that the person feels worthwhile and appreciated regardless of the results he or she achieves
To communicate more effectively we want to create a safe environment and actively build trust to achieve productive and effective conversations. Therefore it is indispensable to lead with presence and listen with curiosity and care to understand and finally build a connection and a relationship. Consideration

While working with participants it is important to carefully think of the needs of everyone and take everyone into regard, as for example in making a decision. Therefore the participants need to be given value and importance

Respect is a ground rule for every participant. It starts with listening to each speaking person and his or her ideas and feelings. It also implies the acceptance of everyone’s differences and at the same time maintaining one’s self-respect
When it comes to working with others, patience is of particular importance as it helps foster a calm and productive environment. Patience enables you to maintain a calm demeanour and results in better decision making and understanding the feelings of others. Overall this will lead to reduced stress levels among participants
Structure is very important as it gives your workshop direction and makes it easier to attain the final goal. Without structure it is easy to become side-tracked and go off topic. Having a well-structured workshop will also help with time management and give participants a framework so that they are aware what progress they have made